Are You Scared Of Setting Goals?

scared of setting goals

Are You Scared Of Setting Goals?

We’ve all been there maybe some haven’t but i have been there too, where you set goals and you don’t get to meet anyone of them and it made you feel depressed or afraid to set another goal. The importance of setting goals is not just in hitting them, its also in the discipline that it brings. If you set a goal that you didn’t hit, you are still way ahead of where you would have been if you didn’t set the goal and you don’t always have to hit your goals at one shot, learn to try ad try again.

Find out what you didn’t do rightly last time and adjust, make sure your goals are smart: Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Relevant, Time Bound.

Don’t be scared of setting goals, goals are good. You may not hit the goal but you would be far from where you would have been without it.