4 ways to build trust and close sales

One major block when it comes to closing a deal especially with new prospects online is trust. The preeminent skill of a Sales Person is the ability to perceive blockages in the heart of a prospect and knowing how to navigate through those blockages to make the sale, this is not the same as trying to manipulate or tricking potential clients into buying something they don’t need.

As a Sales person the best way to see yourself is as an assistant buyer, i.e, as someone helping a prospect to make the best decision. Most times prospects do not know what is best for them, as a sales person, you have to first discover what problem your prospect is trying to solve and if you know your product/ service is the right solution for that prospect, then you owe him/her that sale in other words you are to do everything possible to close the deal, if you believe your product/service is the solution to the clients problem; but to do that, you have to be able to navigate through all the barriers that comes through in a prospects mind, while you’re trying to close the deal and the number one blockage is trust.

Here are 4 techniques that would help you handle the trust barrier in your prospects mind.

  • Video – Chat: Videos appear real and connect better with peoples’ emotion, hence people tend to believe videos more than anything else except something they can see happening before them. If you are dealing with a client that’s feeling skeptical or nervous about a deal one way to deal with that barrier is to schedule a video chat with the prospect probably in your office, with that, they can connect with you better and have more confidence in your business.
  • Proofs/ Samples: Let your proofs do the talking, in a case where someone is doubting the quality of your products/service one best way to deal with this is to show/send them samples of jobs you’ve done in the past
  • Live Customer Review List: This one works all the time, when a client is sceptical about your business, since trust has not been built, one fast way to deal with that is to give them a list of phone-numbers of customers that have patronized your business before, that prospects that aren’t familiar with your business can talk to, of course you have to get your customers consents to put their name and contact on the list
  • Online Reviews: You can refer the prospects to reviews on your business online, such as google review, facebook and other social media handles review you may have, incase you don’t have a direct link to send clients to enable them drop reviews on your business online leave a comment below

These are different ways to navigate through the trust barrier when trying to close a deal, sometimes you may have to apply more than one technique. A professional sales person goes the extra mile to close the deal.

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