4 tips to improve your facebook advertising

4 tips to improve your fb ads

There are different messages for different audiences, the ad copy and design you used, while targeting a warm audience, is not necessarily the right copy and design for a cold audience.

Here are 4 tips to get your facebook advertising right with a cold audience.

  1. It shouldn’t appear salesy, one shouldn’t be able to easily detect that you are trying to sell them something by just seeing the headline and ad image
  1. The ad headline and image should arouse interest in the heart of its viewers
  1. The copy should be engaging and give value to it readers, a post that can be shared on its own because of the enlightenment it brings
  1. Get your targeting done right, no matter how compelling your ad creatives are, it would be difficult trying to sell baby food to tenagers

In case you can’t do all these for yourself, we can handle that for you, from creating a compelling copy, crafting a constructive headline, designing an attention grabbing ad image to targeting the right people interested in your companies product/services.

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NB: Did you observe I used the 4 tips mentioned above for this very post